Our Services

We are founded on the idea that maintaining satisfied customers is essential to the financial health of the organization. 

Haulage services.

Our road transport service provides the following to our customers:

We provide various road transport services to and from all parts of Nigeria. Also providing domestic transportation management solutions.

Our staff are experts in both imports and exports so we can provide assistance through-out the process ensuring your cargo is documented correctly and arrives promptly.

Our focus is to extend beyond moving cargo, we help you translate complex logistics requirements into transportable solutions. By giving our clients information to empower you to consider alternate solutions to solve logistics issues that may arise.

Customs Clearance

Your Knowledgeable and Expirienced Logistics Partner

We know that customs clearance is a highly specialized field, to negotiate best outcomes for import and export cargo, an in-depth working knowledge of our local in-country customs regulations, quarantine rules, legal regulations, international legislation, and global conventions are required. With us, you are guaranteed a logistics partner who is knowledgeable and confident, with the experience to provide you with the right information to make informed decisions on how best to clear your import or export your cargo, while fulfilling all statutory requirements.

We adopt best practice on clearing procedure and policies, comply with all local laws and legislation and ensure you are not exposed to legal risk.

Online Logistics Platform

Book With Ease

We are building Nigeria’s premium logistics platform (transafty.com) for connecting individuals and companies looking to manage their logistics processes and haulage service delivery and top-quality, verified logistics service professionals.

We want to use the best technology available today to solve the industry’s problems and make the booking process simpler, faster and more efficient.

Cost Per Container

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients increase profitability by reducing their “COST PER CONTAINER” ( and where already achieved, help maintain that level and strive to make improvements on it ) , We believe like many other manufacturing companies LOW COST PER CONTAINER  is a desirable metric for you too. Contact us today on how we could help you achieve this metric and/or any other metric your manufacturing company use to measure cost and profitability.

We look foward to hearing from you. Contact us today!