About Us.

We provide logistics services to support your financial and operational targets, partnering with you throughout all stages of the shipment lifecycle


Transafty is a brand of D.R. MATT INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LLC. Transafty prides itself on being a truly integrated logistics solutions provider. Our expertise, professional skills, logistics solutions knowledge, effective management and hard working people give us the ability to provide our customers with excellent services.

We don’t just clear and move cargo; we provide logistics services to support your financial and operational targets, partnering with you throughout all stages of the shipment lifecycle.


 Our goal is to build on the traditional freight forwarder relationship, to provide you with a transparent and clear logistics solution that is aligned to your business strategy.

We are using the best technology available today to solve the industry’s problems and make the booking process simpler, faster and more efficient.


We as a company are not just interested in making the sale and walking away. We want to build a working mutually beneficial relationship with you, our esteemed client. We are committed to discovering and delivering solutions most germane to our customers’ needs and requirements and have developed systems and processes to implement these.

We are committed to providing the best of products and services to our clients to ensure that they are well satisfied always. We have a budget for research and development aimed at discovering and developing new products and product designs that would further improve customer satisfaction. We would always encourage our clients to give us feedback on their experience with our products and services and implement suggestions we receive to ensure that we really meet customers’ needs satisfactorily.



We pride ourself in our brand identity. We do not and would not engage in unethical practices or deliver sub- standard/low quality services to our customers for profit.


You can be rest-assured that we take necessary steps to ensure high quality of our services at all times. We also work with carrier partners that have these quality assurance processes in their service delivery, so that together we can bring a high level of service satisfaction to our clients always.


We are always researching and developing new products and product designs to care for our customers’ logistics requirements and deliver a wholesome customer experience. At the moment are developing improvements to our current products which we hope to implement in the nearest future. Among these are: live tracking to enable both the carrier and the shipper view and know where their assets are in real-time, driver data base, and so on. All these are also in-line with our vision to input the right structure and frameworks which we believe are necessary to transform the haulage industry.


We have partnered with a good number of professional haulage companies as Carriers and the number is growing. We carry out our due diligence when onboarding carrier partners including physical vehicle verification, business address verification, truck number registration verification, maintenance appraisals, and so on.